Psychedelic dream of psychedelic-ness

In this dream, I was watching a musical on this old console TV (the ones with the huge buttons and the bunny ear antennas). It was this wild, psychedelic 60s style musical, complete with the Technicolor.

It began with this big, redheaded guy sitting in a barber’s chair. He’s talking to somebody off-screen, saying how he was nervous about this as it was his first haircut in a long time. He turned to the camera and asked how it looks.

It doesn’t look good. In fact, it’s the ugliest haircut.

At this point, the play stops, and the screen asks:




So I click LIE.

The person the guy in the chair was talking to steps on screen. He looks like Archie from the comic books. Archie says that the cut looks amazing, that the girls will attack him in droves, basically just playing to the guy’s ego. The guy in the chair smiles and asks for a mirror so he could see for himself.

When he gets the mirror and sees the monstrosity on his head, the guy goes insane. Yelling, screaming, he totally Hulks out. There was a song about his rage and embarrassment, and while he’s singing about it, he starts zapping people with beams of light.

Archie realizes too late that this guy has superpowers, and he stands dumbfounded as the people who were struck by the beams first turn into animals and then melt into puddles of goo. The redhead with the bad haircut tells Archie that he’ll pay for this, and storms away.

A few weeks go by, and Archie’s sister is shot and killed during a mugging. Archie goes off to find the redhead—who by this time has gotten his hair fixed—and pleads with the guy to use his power to save his sister. There was a very emotional number, with Archie begging and pleading the redhead for help. The redhead declines to help, saying basically that one pain deserves another.

At this point I stop the show. It’s horrible, and I didn’t want to see anymore. I tell the people watching with me that it sucks, and they ask, “What would happen if the guy told Hair Dude the truth?”

I restart the show, and click TELL THE TRUTH when the screen asks.

This time, Archie tells the guy that he can’t let the redhead go out looking like that. The redhead asks for a mirror and agrees when he sees it. He gets it fixed immediately, and there’s a song about how grateful the redhead is to Archie.

When Archie’s sister is shot, Archie goes to the redhead and is telling him about the situation. The redhead tells Archie about his power and says he can bring the sister back, but cautions him that she’ll lose a few years of memory. Archie gratefully agrees (with, of course, a very moving song) and the redhead brings the sister back. The sister is reset mentally to age 18 (she was maybe 21 at the time).


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