A prayer I need right now

From Goddess Initiation by Francesca de Grandis.

I have been knocked down and ridiculed. Lift me back onto my feet.

People have tried to shame me. Walk with me so that I can be proud.

They have tried to stop me from being healthy. Stand by me while I make myself whole.

They have tried to keep me from my power. Show me my power, which is inside me already, reflecting yours.

Thank you, Mother. Thank you, Father.


One thought on “A prayer I need right now

  1. esta123 says:

    Well said.. reach out your hand, as all you ask, is already there, for the taking..reach out and let them help you, just as you ask, as much as you need… they are there for you. To make it happen, you have to believe in not just them, but in yourself, as they can lift you, but you must walk from there, they can stand with you, but you must have pride in yourself too, they can show you your power and where it lies, but YOU must grasp it in order to use it… you can do all this and more… my hand is ready to aid yours, as ever

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