One of the things I’m trying to work through right now is the feeling of inadequacy. I know that I can’t do all things well; I know that perfection is impossible.  But still, I feel like I will never be enough to accomplish anything I want to do.

I’m contemplating getting a minister’s license. I don’t feel like I qualify for it. I don’t know enough; I’m not such a charismatic person that I can hold forth for hours on any subject. I don’t feel like I have anything to offer anyone. I’m shocked that I’m even considering it. It doesn’t matter that I feel like I need to take this step, or that it might even be a good thing for me. I just feel like there’s not enough here for me to do it.

I read that one of the effects of abuse is this feeling like you can never be enough. But how do you start to combat the feeling? Can you talk yourself out of it? Does it ever really go away?


3 thoughts on “Inadequacy

  1. Dale H says:

    In regards to the minister’s license, I say to follow your intuitive sense of direction and go for it. It could have a purpose yet unseen in your life. I hold several licenses, and they make no special demands on me. Personally, you are certainly spiritual enough to hold a license. 🙂

    As to combating the feeling, actually, I think you have made some progress in that area already. However, small changes are hard for one to notice to one’s self, however, outsiders can see it much better.

  2. esta123 says:

    You already “know” enough, and its not what you know, that is at issue anyway, it’s your will to help, and you have plenty of that.

    And yes, one of the hallmarks of abuse, is the feeling of you can never, do enough, be enough, but trust me on this one, you are already.. enough, more than enough. You might not feel it 100% yet, but those of us who see you, can see it, take our word for it.. it’s there


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